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Running sunglasses for athletes on the move at an affordable price that doesn’t make you run!

Not just for running

It’s for life

Not just for running

It’s for life

Read about the awesome features of our running sunglasses

Everything you need for a perfect run
Gear up for your next adventure

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Made for active people

No bounce. No slip running sunglasses that won't hold you back. Because when you move, your sunglasses shouldn’t.

Spring hinges for a perfect fit

Runners Sunglasses gently hug your face and seamlessly adjust to all head sizes. 

Durable Frames

Engineered with stress-resistant polycarbonate, Runners are prepared for anything - from everyday wear, to an occasional drop.

Sweat & chemical resistant

From general sweat, sunscreen or the occasional beer spill our running sun glasses are up to the challange. 

The Best Polarized Running Sunglasses

UV400 polarized running sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays & eliminate glare, so you can see everything around you the way it's meant to be seen in brillant color. 

Lightweight for lasting comfort

At 26g, our lightweight sunglasses for running won't interfere with your run, ride or workout. Stay comfortable for hours without having to take a break from your sunglasses.

Gear up for your next adventure

Ships free. 

100-day risk-free trial.

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Iconic styles and colors that work for all active people.

Meet Runners Sunglasses

Everything you need for an
active lifestyle. At $95.

As athletes ourselves, we know the value of good gear. 
Whether we are training, driving or relaxing, we can’t live without sunglasses. But even premium sunglasses can get uncomfortable and tend to fall off at the worst moment.

Running Sunglasses Made for You

We were disillusioned by the low quality of most affordable brands, but weren’t prepared to pay $300 for running sunglasses either, because let’s face it - any sunglasses can break, even the $300 ones.

We set out to create versatile, the best high-performance, light weight sunglasses for all active people and deliver a premium design with all the innovative features you’d want - at an affordable price. A year and a ton of designs later, we have Runners Sunglasses made for Runners!