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Born in 2018 and proudly growing in Austin, TX!

Forever on a mission to bring you sunglasses that perform - no matter what adventure you choose today! As athletes ourselves, we know the value of good gear. Whether we are training, driving or relaxing, we can’t live without sunglasses. But even premium sunglasses can get uncomfortable and tend to fall off at the worst moment. We wanted to remedy that (somebody had to :))

Exceptional quality,

style and performance at a fair price

We were disillusioned by the low quality of most affordable brands, but weren’t prepared to pay $300 for sunglasses either, because let’s face it - any sunglasses can break, even the $300 ones.We set out to create versatile, high-performance sunglasses for all active people and deliver apremium design with all the innovative features you’d want - at an affordable price. A couple ofyears and a ton of designs later, we have Runners Sunglasses.


Our values are there to remind us of who we are, and what we want to be. They guide everything we do, from our approach to work, to how we treat people. They are intentionally aspirational and aspirationally intentional.


A promise we keep.

Enjoy your adventures worry-free!

We worked hard to create sunglasses that can stand up to everyday wear and make it through workouts and adventures. If something breaks due to a defect - we’ll replace your sunglasses.


Confidence looks good on us.

We’re confident that you’ll love Runners. We’ll give you a test drive.

Try Runners Sunglasses for 100 days. We know you’ll love them. If you don’t - simply send themback - and we’ll give you your money back. No questions asked!

The greatest threat to ​our​ planet is the belief that someone else will save it.

Robert Swan, Author

Armed with our winning design, we’ve now set out to make our production sustainable. We are planning to make Runner’s Sunglasses 100% out of recycled plastic. Follow us on Instagram for updates. Please remember to support us now as we work to make that happen #WearRunners